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15 Insanely Cute Hamsters That Are Sure To Steal Your Heart

a two-photo collage. on the left there is a smiling hamster with his belly up and on the left there is a hamster on top of a toy house raising his hands while three other hamsters are watching him from the bottom.

They’re hairy and tiny but very mighty! Yes, we’re talking about hamsters!

Apart from being absolutely adorable to look at they’re also pretty fun pets to have around. To better understand what we mean, we’ve compiled a list of some of the cutest and most hilarious hamster photos that will simply melt your heart. 

1. Just a typical Sunday service in this community.

2. Introducing the newest and coolest way to drink water!

3. Just one of those days…

4. “Mango enjoying his Sunday morning charcuterie. 😋” We just have to say, Mango is pretty photogenic!

5. Two Double-Cuteness on the rocks, please!

6. Wishing a speedy recovery for this little fella!

7. Don’t forget to eat your veggies. Also, Happy Birthday Biscuit!

8. We just need to know where we can get one of these!

9. “Say cheese!”

10. It’s a lazy Sunday, and they know it!

11. Dinner for three.

12. We think this is the cutest sombrero model we’ve ever seen!

13. “I think I’ve hit rock bottom. Eating macaroni and cheese with my hamster.”

14. Only hamsters can have a bad hair day but still look adorable.

15. We don’t know what this sleeping position is called, but it’s very cute!

These creatures sure do pack a whole lot of cute in their tiny, furry bodies! We hope you enjoyed this cuteness overload as much as we did!

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