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Crew And Passengers Surprise Little Boy Flying Alone With Birthday Party In The Sky

A little boy looks down as he sits alone on an airplane on his birthday.

Flying on a plane can be a bit scary for anyone, but imagine how much more intimidating it must be for a little kid to be a passenger. Now, imagine if you were a little kid alone on a plane. That’s the situation this little one found himself in recently. It was clear to everyone around him that he was nervous, so people began to chat with him. In doing so, they learned it was his birthday, inspiring a nearby passenger to initiate the best surprise!

The passenger, who is a member of the Beverly Hills Comedy Team, got the ball rolling when she talked to some of the flight attendants on board. Once they were aware of the little boy’s situation, they gathered some birthday hats and prepared to make an announcement. But first, they had to invited the birthday boy with them!

Little Boy’s Mid-Flight Birthday Surprise Delights Everyone

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It’s clear that, at first, the child is confused. The flight attendant instructs everyone to close their window shades before turning on some overhead lighting. In doing so, the ambiance on the plane shifts. Now, the small lights from above resemble birthday candles.

That’s when the boy’s face starts to light up! He’s then met with the whole cabin singing “happy birthday” to him, making him feel so much less alone than he did when he first entered the plane. Best of all, this sweet kid got the chance to blow out his “candles!” Talk about an unforgettable birthday!

A little boy smiles as two flight attendants stand with him at the front of a plane, singing "happy birthday" to him.

“I love when adults make magic happen for kids,” one person writes in the comment section of the video.

“As a kid who flew alone every summer as a kid to see my dad, this has ME BAWLING,” another person shares. “This is so genuine. Thank you for not letting him be alone.”

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