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Creative College Student Whips Up Gourmet Meals In The Comfort Of Their Dorm.

lobster and crab rangoons in a bed

If we think back to our culinary experiences during school and college, probably a few things come to mind.

For me, college dining was made up of ramen, gross vegetables, weird gravy, and being excited for chicken tender day. This college kid is doing it a different way.

LazyPotNoodles has built a social media empire showing their epic culinary confections, made from the comfort of their dorm bed.

Equipped with electric cooking tools and a wide variety of ingredients, LazyPotNoodles has whipped up some seriously delicious meals. Let’s take a look at some of their most impressive confections!

1. Crab rangoons, made with actual crab legs. LazyPotNoodles does NOT cut corners.

2. Lobster mac ‘n cheese, because microwavable mac just won’t cut it.

3. Obviously, you can’t skip dessert!

4. What’s a college weeknight without shrimp scampi?

5. Filet mignon, because what else would you be eating in bed?

I didn’t even eat seafood when I was in college, let alone take the time to cook it in my dorm! LazyPotNoodle is beyond impressive. Keep cooking and, hey! Share some with me!

The featured images for this post are from Instagram (here and here)

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