Crafty Hockey Fan Offers Handmade Scarf In Exchange For Stick.

View of fans behind a clear barrier at a Seattle Kraken's game. One fan is holding up a sign that reads: "Homemade scarf for a stick or puck? Wanna trade???"

As any hockey fan knows, there’s so much to love about going to a game in person. You get to be closer to the action, experience the exciting atmosphere of being around fellow fans, and you might even get to engage with some of the players. In fact, that last perk is one that young fans especially look forward to experiencing.

Part of the reason why is because, fairly often, the players will give out pucks to fans. Though they tend to focus on kiddos, adults have also been known to get lucky enough to take one home for themselves. But with the clever use of a hockey scarf, a couple of Seattle Kraken fans took things up a notch at a recent game.

Seattle Kraken Fans Barter With Homemade Hockey Scarf

@seattlekraken genius way to get a puck 👏 #SeaKraken #NHL #hockey ♬ original sound – Seattle Kraken

The Seattle Krakens share this amazing moment themselves on social media. In the video, we can see some folks holding up a sign to a clear barrier. It reads, “Homemade scarf for a stick or puck? Wanna trade???”

Clearly, someone on the team thinks this is an incredible deal — and I agree! Their hockey scarf looks so well made and super cozy. Still, what the team offers in return continues to blow fans away.

Rather than giving the fans a puck, like they often do, they give them a hockey stick instead. Considering how much rarer it is for a random fan to get a souvenir of this magnitude, this must be an especially amazing moment for them!

“Genius way to get a puck,” the Seattle Kraken’s caption reads.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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