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Courteney Cox Defeats Dance Challenge By Recreating Iconic “Dancing In The Dark” Music Video

Courtney Cox

Courteney Cox just took the “dance like it’s the 80s” challenge to a whole new level.

As many know, a new challenge has been overtaking social media. It asks Gen X parents to show their best dance moves from their clubbing days in the 1980s. Thousands of moms and dads have taken part in it and proved they’re still rockstars when they grooved to the song Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat. 

Courteney recently decided to show that she, too, can dance like it’s the 80s, but she didn’t move to Smalltown Boy. Instead, she showed how well she could dance to another hit from the decade—Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen. For those who aren’t aware, Courteney Cox starred in the song’s official music video as the lucky gal that The Boss pulled on stage.

Fans Thank Courteney Cox For The Great “Take Me Back” Moment

In a TikTok video, the Friends star awkwardly attempted to show her “1980s dancing” with the original challenge song playing in the background. Then she realized she could perform better if she switched it up. So she changed the song and recreated the dance before flashing to a scene from the 1984 music video.

After nearly 5 million views and thousands of comments in one day, it’s clear that her fellow 80s dancers will never forget her Dancing In The Dark cameo.

“Bruce and Court, iconic and core memories for all of us!” a follower wrote.

“I was like, wait a minute woman, we all know how you danced in the 80s 😂🔥🥰” another nostalgic fan commented.

“We all wanted to be THAT girl onstage with Bruce. ❤️” someone remembered.

“Oh wow…This was such a great ‘take me back’…!!! Thank you,” shared a follower.

Overall, Courteney Cox’s fans all agreed. She won the trend, “hands down.”

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