From Prom To Wedding! Meet 15 High School Sweethearts Still Going Strong Yrs Later.

couple on their prom date and together 31 years later

For many Americans, prom is one of the most memorable rites of passage of our teenage years.


A lot of us have fond memories of getting dressed up and riding in a limousine for the first time, and our prom date holds a special space in our hearts. But for some, their prom date was their first and only true love! Couples online have been sharing pictures of themselves then and now, and we’re getting misty seeing all of these adorable high school sweethearts still making it work all these years later.

1. These two went to prom back in 1987. In 2023, they celebrated 31 years of marriage!

2. Here’s a cute couple at prom in 2009, and at their wedding in 2018.

3. They went to prom together in 1997. They’ve been married now for more than 20 years.

4. Adorable then, and adorable now!

5. These two went to prom with other dates (in the same group) back in 2009. Today, they’re married and just had their first baby.

6. What a difference seven years makes.

7. “Thirty years and three grandchildren (!) later.”

8. “We didn’t go to prom together, but we’ll be together for 19 years and married for 14 years this May.”

9. Shooting her shot really worked out for her!

10. Cute and quirky then, and now.

11. They were just babies went they went to junior prom together in 2004. Today, they’ve been married for 19 years and have two young kids.

12. “Married on our 15th dating anniversary, tried to recreate a picture from Junior Prom.”

13. Just a couple of fresh-faced kids at prom in 2007, and again at their wedding in 2013.

14. They look the same, but different! Time is funny that way.

15. These two returned to the location where their prom was held to get married 3 years later.

What a wild ride! It’s beautiful seeing people who seem to be true soulmates, isn’t it?

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