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Couple Twirls At Great Heights During Romantic Aerial Dance For “AGT” Auditions

AGT aerial

A couple performed a dazzling—and somewhat terrifying—aerial act during tonight’s AGT auditions.

Aerialists Sebastian & Sonia performed a truly gorgeous and unique routine for the July 2nd episode that had everyone’s emotions high. The couple danced to JVKE’s Golden Hour, beginning on the stage and moving into the air. They had a few technical issues that could have been life-threatening, but they stayed calm and collected and earned a spot on the upcoming live shows.

The duo shared a romantic dance before shocking the crowd when their corde lisses, or smooth ropes, lowered from the ceiling. Sebastian & Sonia held onto the ropes and continued to twirl above the stage with ease and grace as the ropes carried them higher into the air.

When the couple reached their highest point, they had a terrifying few moments where they swung into the judges’ exes. You could almost feel Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara, and Simon Cowell’s hearts stop as the two repeatedly hit the metal—looking as though they could fall at any moment. But Sebastian & Sonia did not miss a beat. They continued with their performance as if nothing was in their way.

“That was the most spectacular double aerial act I have ever seen,” Howie raved after the performance. “Our names are still swinging! That was so wonderful!”

“You two are mind-blowing,” Heidi added. “It’s so dangerous. One wrong move and you would just crash to the floor. My hands are literally still wet. It was so beautiful to watch. So, so beautiful.”

Sofia dubbed the aerial act “the perfect audition,” and Simon praised them for a “difficult and stunning” and “so beautifully synchronized” routine before admitting that they are now his “benchmark” for any audition similar to theirs in the future.

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