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Couple Surprises Grandma-To-Be With Pregnancy In Unforgettable Scrabble Game.

When it comes to announcing a pregnancy, some couples really go all out.

After more than five years of wedded bliss, Mike Adam and Sarah Arroyo of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had plenty of people ask when they would add a member to their family. And eventually, Mike said, “They kind of gave up on us.” So when Sarah discovered she was expecting, the two decided to make their reveal unforgettable.


They started with Deborah Garofalo, Mike’s mom. Since Sarah and Deborah love playing Scrabble together, Sarah used that bit of history to devise an adorable surprise! When the big day arrived, the three of them sat down for a “regular” game while the camera rolled.

The first word Mike and Sarah place on the board is “Grandma.” Deborah smiles, but other than thinking some happy thoughts, nothing changes. But then the happy couple puts down their next word: “Baby,” and it doesn’t take long for the sweet mom to register what they’re implying.


“No, sir!” Deborah cries as the news sinks in. “Are you serious?” After realizing they aren’t joking, she jumps up to give them both a hug!

“My mom had no idea, and she was just crying tears of joy,” Mike recalled. “I know now I’m 100 percent the favorite child — at least for a little bit.” Sarah was just as touched by Deborah’s “genuine” reaction. “It’s such a wonderful feeling to receive that kind of heartfelt congratulations and excitement,” she said. “It’s different from anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Although it will still be awhile before Deborah meets her first grandchild, she’s “over the moon.” As for the happy couple, they can revisit this special moment whenever they want to celebrate this season of their lives. “I get choked up even watching it now,” Mike said. We suspect he always will!


Congratulations, Mike and Sarah! What a sweet, clever way to let Grandma in on a big secret. As for all the Scrabble lovers out there, feel free to take notes in case you need a fun surprise!

Watch Deborah’s precious reaction in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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