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Couple Ends Up In 2-Month “Stand-Off” With 3 Cats Over Their Pricey New Blender.

cats guarding Vitamix mixer

Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves had been eying a pricey new blender for ages. When they finally saw a good sale on a Vitamix blender on Black Friday, the married couple eagerly snapped it up.

A box containing their new toy soon arrived, and they put it on the kitchen floor for just a few moments before finding the time to unpack it. According to Jessica, “That was our first mistake, and this is where things get weird.”

Jessica and Nikii share their home on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, with three cats, all of whom have adorably goofy nicknames. Black and white tomcat Max is a “sentient soccer ball,” while George: Destroyer of Worlds is a “sentient potato.” Finally, Lando Calrissian is the “questionably sentient dust bunny.”

Cat parents understand that when it comes down to it, felines own our homes and simply allow us to live in them. The Gerson-Neeves family is no different. So when they walked into the kitchen and saw Max perched atop the Vitamix box, they took a picture and didn’t think much of it.

Jessica later shared the image on a Facebook page devoted to “chonky” cats,” along with a quirky caption detailing their two-hour “stand-off.” They were delighted when the image went viral.

The “stand-off” became a tad less amusing when the other curious felines got involved. For days, the cats took turns guarding the box, never leaving it unattended for a second. The women even got up in the middle of the night trying to catch them slacking, but no dice. Days turned into weeks, and Jessica continued to update Facebook with their hilarious predicament.

“There is just something about the Vitamix box that just has really held their attention,”Jessica said. “At this point, it’s turned into something so much bigger than us.â€

Nothing could distract the cats from guarding the box, not even treats or toys! While Jessica and Nikii could have easily just lifted the cats off the box, they were having too much fun making people laugh with their mock stand-off.

“We’re far enough into it, I can’t move them now,”Nikii said. “They’re committed, we’re committed. â€

In a last-ditch effort to lure the cats away from the box so they can finally enjoy their new blender, Jessica reached out to the Vitamix company on Facebook to ask for three empty boxes. They hoped to trick the kitties into moving onto the new empty boxes so they could finally uncrate the blender. The folks at Vitamix obliged, and now there are several boxes in the couple’s small kitchen… but the cats were not fooled.

“Appliancegate” is now heading into its second month, and the couple says they’ll keep it going for as long as it continues to brighten people’s day.

“This is just so silly and sweet and kind of wholesome,”Jessica said. “And if our cats and me thinking I’m funny are providing that fun, why on earth would we interrupt that? Like, the blender will still be there.â€

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