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Corgi Con Is Back! Adorable Pups Flood California Beach For 1st Time Since Pandemic.

So many fun activities have been put on indefinite hold since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was sad to see many of them fall by the wayside, but we’re finally seeing some of them return and we are here for it!

One of the most beloved events in all of San Francisco, California returned on June 18, 2022. It’s called Corgi Con, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: Hundreds of short-legged little dogs frolicking on a sunny beach while their two-legged owners bask in all the cuteness.

1. The first Corgi Con was held on Ocean Beach back in 2014.

2. The event was put on hold in 2020, for obvious reasons.

3. In 2022, the corgis made their triumphant return!

4. Corgi Con is usually held twice a year, in July and in October.

5. It’s unclear whether there will be a second event this year, so let’s enjoy these adorable pups while we can!

6. Many people dressed their corgis up in costumes, like this sweet little banana.

7. Yoda (in corgi form) even showed up for photo ops.

8. It’s safe to say that everyone looked perfect, whether they dressed up or not.

9. After all, the best accessory is a smile, and there were plenty to be had on this day.

10. Some of those costumes were really out of this world.

11. If shopping is your thing, there was plenty of corgi-themed merchandise to purchase.

12. The weather looked absolutely perfect for a day of sand and sun.

13. There were plenty of chances to take photos with your favorite celebrity dogs.

14. But most of the corgis in attendance chose to just kick back and show off their casual California style.

15. These good bois and girls look like they’re headed for the ski slopes next.

Some events are worth the wait! We’re so glad Corgi Con is back, aren’t you? The world needs more cuteness, and these pups definitely deliver.

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