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Cops To The Rescue! Body Cam Video Captures Officer Untangling Trapped Deer.

cops help trapped deer

Rural cops often have to “serve and protect” more than just humans during their average workday!

We’re used to seeing dramatic body camera footage of arrests and rescues, but the video you are about to see below shows a different kind of on-the-job encounter.

Instead of a perp, two cops from the Sandy Springs Police Department in Georgia shared a video of themselves freeing a young deer. The cute animal had gotten his head and antlers caught in some netting at the local athletic fields. The video of the rescue gives viewers a first-hand look at how scary it is to get that close to a panicked wild animal, and it makes us all appreciate police even more!

As the animal snorts and struggles, the officers remain calm and are careful not to cut themselves or the deer. They start by cutting the animal’s nose free to allow him to breathe. Seconds later, they disentangled the deer’s antlers and stood back as it took off like a flash into the nearby woods.

All in a day’s work!

Watch the officers cheer for themselves after successfully saving the deer in the video below, and be sure to share this heartwarming moment with a friend.

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