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Dutch Police Showed Up At A House To Do Dishes for 5 Kids, Their Reason Has Inspired Millions

Police officers don’t get a very good rap. Of the thousands of good-hearted and well-intentioned cops out there, a malicious few make the badge seem untrustworthy and unworthy of the call to serve and protect.

Thankfully, moments like the one captured below restore our faith.

After a woman was taken to the hospital with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), two Dutch policemen of the Eindhoven Police Department stayed behind to prepare dinner for her five children. They weren’t about to let the kids go hungry when their mom was away, so they stepped up and took over her motherly duties. The officers went into the house, put on their “aprons” and got the grub going.

It’s so meaningful because the kids, for whatever reason, didn’t have anyone to take care of them with mom gone.  They would have just sat there without food.

But the cops didn’t hesitate to jump in.  Now, the simple act of kindness is resonating around the world!

Still, there was something better.



After all was said and done, they even stuck around to meticulously clean the dishes!

The photo above was snapped of the officers cleaning up and has since gone viral, reach people all around the globe with a simple message of humility.

Three cheers for these police officers and their simple act of kindness! In a Facebook post, the Eindhoven Police thanked Facebook users for the positive response to the viral image, which has received over 95,000 likes.

Translated to English, the post said the officers involved were “grateful” that a “small gesture” could be heartwarming to many, and that they had never expected the story to reach such a large audience.

Here’s the Takeaway: If you take the time to notice, the smallest kind gesture can brighten any situation.

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