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Cops Can’t Stop Laughing Over Im-Peck-Able Misunderstanding By A Concerned Neighbor.

Two Essex Police Officers smile and laugh outside of Steve Wood's house.

No matter who you are, it never feels great when three police vehicles unexpectedly show up at your house – Steve Wood of Canvey Island in England would know. That’s exactly what happened to the 54-year-old on July 4. Little did he know, the Essex Police had been called there for quite a serious reason.

A concerned neighbor gave the cops a call, letting them know that they had heard the sounds of a woman screaming, and it was coming from Steve’s house. Worried for the woman inside, they asked for officers to check in – and that’s exactly what they planned to do when they showed up.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God what have I done?'” Steve said, recalling the moment he saw the police vehicles outside his home.

The police who showed up knew they couldn’t really know what to expect when they showed up, but they didn’t realize how true that was until they arrived. By the time Steve answered the door, the two officers who had approached the house already figured out the source of the noise: Steve’s birds.

“I opened the door to two laughing police officers and they said, ‘Don’t worry mate, I think we’ve got this one sussed,'” Steve said.

Turns out, Steve has been keeping birds for 21 years now. At the moment, he has 22 pet parrots. Although they mainly squawk in the mornings and evenings, his bird named Freddie has been particularly talkative lately, leading him to believe that he is the cause of his neighbor’s concern.

With no one in danger, both Steve and the officers had a good laugh about the misunderstanding. In fact, Steve isn’t bothered at all by the brief scare he had that day.

“Police have done the right thing and the caller has done the right thing – there is no bad feelings on my part,” Steve said. “I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened previously.”

Watch Steve and the officers have a laugh in the video below.

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