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Best Granny Ever Dons Granddaughter’s Onesies & She’s Lighting Up The Internet.

grandma in onesies

Grandparents are invaluable members of a family; their life experiences can provide us with windows into history like nothing else can. Oh, and sometimes… they’re also hilarious!

The grandmother below is proof positive that you’re never too old to get a little goofy in order to make your family laugh. She’s the kind of grandma that we all aspire to be – she’s up for anything, isn’t afraid to look silly once in a while, and is clearly loved by her grandkids.

Case in point: check her out in this fabulous British Beefeater onesie:


This woman is a hoot! The look on her face is priceless as she wanders into the living room. You can hear her granddaughters laughing like crazy in the background, and when dad suggests that she try on a few more of her granddaughter’s onesies, she agrees. She’s up for anything!

And when we say “anything,” we mean anything


As “Under The Sea” plays in the background, grandma enters the room in a fetching Ariel onesie that has everybody losing it. The best part is that she plays along and does a little mermaid dance. Even the dog seems to be cracking up!

“I can’t believe this is my mother,” her daughter can be heard muttering off-camera. Something tells us that she’s used to her mom acting like the life of the party, but if you thought the Ariel onesie was funny, you haven’t seen anything yet.

When Grandma comes into the room next, she’s sporting a brown onesie and making hilarious “growling” noises. “Roar!” She says not-so-convincingly. She seems to think she’s dressed as a bear; it’s almost as if she has no idea that she’s dressed like a giant… well, see for yourself:


Oh. My. Goodness. Somebody has to tell her!

Watch grandma’s hysterical reaction in the video below, and be sure to share this story with other cool grandparents who could use a hearty laugh today!

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