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Baby Tossed In Dumpster Discovered By Construction Worker, 20-Yrs-Later Her Parents Reveal The Truth.

In October 1995, Morgan Hill, who was a newborn, was left for dead by her mother in a dumpster in small Chicago suburb. She was rescued by a construction worker who was taking out the trash when he heard a strange sound. “He was dropping off the last load of trash from the construction area he was working on,”Hill said in an interview with CBS. “Before he dropped it in, he heard a whimper. He found a white kitchen bag that was double knotted.â€

Inside that double knotted kitchen bag was day-old Morgan Hill, helpless and alone. The heroic construction worker took Hill to a nearby hospital where nurses named her Mary Grace. It was soon after that she was adopted and named Morgan Hill.


Hill’s adoptive parents waited to share the story of her origin until she ‘was ready’ to hear the truth. From the moment she was told, Hill made it her mission to find the man that saved her.

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“I have known I was adopted my entire life,”she said. “But two years ago I found the full story, and I have been trying to find that construction worker ever since.â€

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Hill reached out to the media for help tracking down her savior. After a few days a local news station found the construction worker, Gerald Rocky Hyatt. In April of last year, the two were reunited for the first time since that fateful autumn day.

Christa Dubill

“I broke into tears and the first thing I said was, ‘Thank you,’”Hill said. “He said to me, ‘Baby girl, you are so loved.’”

Christa Dubill

Hyatt, who Hill now calls her ‘guardian angel,’ is part of the family now after more than 20 years of hopeful waiting.

Christa Dubill

Hill had beautiful words for her rescuer and expecting mothers everywhere, “I could not thank him enough,”Hill said. “He gave me a chance to live a second life. Because if he didn’t find me, I would not be here to help others and show soon-to-be mothers that there are so many options out there.

The video below shows the original story written on Hyatt and Hill in 1995.

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