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Shy Professor Steals Show At Christmas Concert With Over-The-Top Dance Moves.

marie christmas concert

By day, Marie W. Dallam is a respected college professor and academic who considers herself to be rather shy. Yet apparently when you give her a pair of wacky sunglasses and a set of jingle bells, Marie gets a little bit wild!

When Marie isn’t teaching classes as an associate professor of Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma, she’s an active member of the OK City Chorus. During their Christmas concert, Marie was videotaped shaking her jingle bells during a rousing rendition of “Jingle All The Way,” and her performance was so outrageously funny that the footage is going viral.


“We didn’t really practice,”Marie explained after the show. “One of the women organizing asked me to ring the jingle bells and be as goofy as possible.”

Taking those words to heart, Marie proceeded to let her freak flag fly as all of the other choral members stood stoically by her side. Wearing a big pair of sparkly Christmas tree sunglasses, Marie’s exaggerated facial expressions and liberal use of jazz hands made her an instant stand-out in the sea of red tops on stage.


Marie says that each chorus in the performance has a personality, so she decided to put her group’s tendency toward humor front and center when she took to the stage. She’s also grateful to have an outlet for the spunky side of her personality.

“I think of myself as a serious person and shy in my normal life,”said Marie. “Being a member of the OK City [Chorus], it allows me to indulge in my silly side.â€


After the video was posted, Marie was surprised and delighted by the attention she received but was quick to point out that her students shouldn’t expect her to be this goofy when she’s back in the classroom.

“I am not embarrassed, but it is certainly different from my normal persona,”Marie laughed.


We’re used to seeing video clips like this one where a child gets silly in the middle of a performance, but seeing a grown woman channeling her inner comedian is truly refreshing. It’s simply impossible to look at Marie doing her thing without cracking a smile!

Take a look at Marie’s epic jazz hands in the video below, and don’t forget to share the smiles too.

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