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50M Have Watched This College Math Professor Interrupt Class To Pull Off Epic Prank.

college math professor

Some teachers really have a knack for bringing even the dullest subject matter to life.

Matthew Weathers is a math teacher at Biola University, a private Christian university in La Mirada, California. As a professor, Matthew is tasked with teaching complicated theories and algorithms, yet he’s not opposed to bringing a bit of levity into his classroom lectures on occasion.


Over the years Matthew has become well-respected as a professor in his small Southern California town, but he’s equally well known for something a little bit different: the pranks he loves to play on his unwitting students. Not only does Matthew enjoy planning out funny stunts to catch students off-guard, but he also enjoys recording those pranks for his YouTube channel. With almost 170,000 subscribers, we’d say his pranks have put him on the map even more than his math skills.

One April Fool’s Day, Matthew decided to pull one of his famous pranks in front of a lecture room full of eager young minds. To date, Matthew’s April Fool’s Day prank video has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube alone, and with good reason – it’s hilarious!


The video starts with Matthew standing at his projector screen with a marker in one hand. As he’s discussing the projected problem he reaches out and draws a line with the marker, realizing instantly that he’d used a permanent marker on the screen.

“Oh my gosh, I just drew on that,” Matthew says fretfully as he begins to wipe at the stubborn marker line. Without missing a beat, Matthew goes to his laptop and pulls up a separate window on the screen, typing “Video math professor fix screen” into the well-known Google search bar.

Voilà! On the screen appears none other than… Matthew Weathers, video math professor!


As the students begin to laugh nervously, Matthew proceeds to interact with “himself,” or at least with a pre-recorded version. “Other Matthew” is able to shove the browser windows around the screen at will and even grab some helpful items off of the ads on the screen’s sidebar, with varying levels of efficacy.

That cat he grabs to help wipe off the marker line, for instance? Yeah, that didn’t work at all.


The lightsaber “Other Matthew” grabs straight out of a “Star Wars” battle scene, however, really does the trick! After the professor uses the saber to cut out the offending area of the white screen everything starts working out brilliantly!


After thanking his “other” self and giving an enthusiastic high-five, the real professor was able to take over the lesson once again. You can hear the students laughing out loud at their funny professor, and it’s pretty impressive that he was able to pull this off so flawlessly! He clearly put a lot of thought and effort into staging this elaborate prank.

Watch professor Matthew Weathers pranking his students in the video below, and don’t forget to share to give other teachers ideas!

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