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Mind Reader Tells Mel B Her Deepest Secret, His Revelation Has Her Freaking Out.

For some strange reason, I’ve watched a lot of documentaries and shows about magicians and psychics as of late. But none have rattled me quite as much as a performance by mind reader, Colin Cloud. His performance took place earlier this year on America’s Got Talent, and I can say with confidence that the show’s judges were just as shocked by his abilities as I was.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, Colin begins by calling two of the show’s judges, Howie Mandel and Mel B, onto the stage. He asks Mel to think of a unique word that describes her (more on that later), and to close her eyes and put her hands out in front of her. Mel obliges, and in a (very) strange move, Colin approaches her and licks one of her hands.

Naturally, Mel looks a little weirded out, but when Colin asks if she ate eggs and potato chips that day, her uneasiness turns to shock. She had, indeed, eaten both foods earlier. How could he have known that?!


Colin then goes over to Howie. He pulls out his cellphone, and asks Howie to try a six-digit number to unlock it. Howie tries, and it doesn’t work, which proves that not just any random combination of numbers can unlock the phone. Colin then asks the three judges who remained in their seats to provide three random numbers, which he types in before asking Howie to select the remaining three. Miraculously, the phone unlocks.

Those two tricks are pretty incredibly in themselves. But it’s the next portion of the show that really had me scratching my head and asking myself, How the heck did he do that?

Colin walks back over to Mel B and asks her to think of a secret that she doesn’t want anyone else to know. He then whispers her secret back to her in her ear, knowing that it’s something she wouldn’t want the audience to know.

The absolutely flabbergasted look on Mel’s face says it all: he nailed it.


As for the word he asked Mel to think of at the beginning of the performance? You won’t believe how he incorporates it into his act.

Watch below to find out and share if you’re as totally convinced that this guy can actually read minds as I am.

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