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Coconut Octopus Gets A Helping Hand From A Clever “Spy.”

A robot coconut octopus in the left frame. A real coconut octopus in the right frame.

Technology is amazing. Marine explorers are using remote-controlled “spy” sea animals to explore the ocean floor. One little spy octopus recently helped a live coconut octopus when predators arrived. The actions of the tiny robot saved the coconut octopus’s life.

What Is A Spy Octopus And Why Is It Used?

The spy octopus is exploring the ocean floor on behalf of John Downer Productions. They are a media company providing television audiences with wildlife films beyond the typical nature documentary. The film company uses robot spy cameras disguised as different marine creatures. This unique vantage offers an up-close look at sea life. While not an exact replica, the spy octopus is designed to look like and mimic the movement of a real coconut octopus. They do a pretty darn good impression of a real octopus!

Image shows a robot spy octopus.
Image from YouTube.

In our featured clip, we watch a fantastic bit of filmography. A real coconut octopus passes the spy robot octopus. Blacktip sharks appear on the scene looking for their favorite meal — coconut octopus! The real octopus finds a camouflaged hiding spot, but it isn’t optimal.

Image shows a coconut octopus hiding on the sea floor.
Image from YouTube.

The coconut octopus is one of the most intelligent of the non-vertebrates. In addition to its central brain, each tentacle has a separate brain. The nine brains can work independently or in sync with each other. It did not take the little fellow long to spot a better hiding spot inside a hollow bamboo stick.

Image shows a coconut octopus hiding in a hollow bamboo log.
Image from YouTube.

The robot octopus, controlled by humans from afar, observes this sequence of events. With some quick thinking, the robot grabs a coconut shell and walks off toward the real fellow hiding in the hollow log. Spotting the robot, the real coconut octopus realizes that the coconut shell would be a perfect door to his hiding spot.

Stealing the empty shell from the spy octopus.
Image from YouTube.

The real octopus deftly and unremorsefully steals the coconut shell and returns to hiding. He places the shell over the hollow tube as a makeshift door.

Safely hidden inside a hollow bamboo log.
Image from YouTube.

Once the predators leave the area, the little coconut octopus emerges from its hiding spot and does the coolest thing ever! He finds his new friend, the spy octopus, and gives him an adorable hug!

Real octopus hugging his new friend, the spy octopus.
Image from YouTube.

Watch The Full Video Of The Octopus Interacting With The Spy Robot

If you are interested in viewing the portion of the documentary on this unforgettable encounter, you can watch it here on YouTube. The clip below is shorter and contains all the highlights. With that said, the still pictures and my words pale in comparison to the actual footage! Be sure to share this fantastic sea adventure with your family and friends!


This coconut octopus has a spy friend looking out for him! The spy octopus recently even saved him from some blacktip sharks. 🐙 See more of the spy animal series by John Downer on PBS. 🎥 John Downer Productions #octopus #marinelife #marineanimals #oceanlife #goodnews #positivecontent

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