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Unwanted Cat Clings To Woman — So She Takes To Internet With Heartfelt Plea.

clutch the cat

It’s true that cats have their own unique personalities. And sometimes, society likes to tell us that cats aren’t loving animals or capable of showing affection. Well, one caring kitty recently put those stereotypes to shame.

In a video that’s quickly garnered a lot of attention, we get a heartbreaking glimpse at a cat in such need of love and affection that he literally becomes “unputdownable.”

clutch clings

It all started when Washington natives Jessica Parken and her fiancé Andy Brumagen visited a local “mom and pop” store. They were immediately drawn to a large tabby cat in a kitty condo.

When Jessica and Andy took him out to say hello, the cat was very friendly. So much so that when Jessica tried to put him down, he latched on.

He didn’t want to be let go.

won't let go

The cat hugged and snuggled her as if to say, “Please take me with you. I want someone to love me.” The cat’s desperate need for affection moved Jessica to tears.

moved to tears

The couple affectionately named the cat “Clutch,” however, they were forced to leave him behind. The couple later admitted that as much as they wanted to take Clutch home that day, they simply couldn’t.

For everyone who keeps asking why we couldn’t take him is because we have a 19 year old cat at home who needs constant love and affection and would probably get very depressed and die if we brought another animal home and we have a three year old child as well.

It turns out Clutch was a resident at the mom and pop store because he didn’t get along with other animals and wasn’t good with kids – qualities that severely limited his adoption prospects at the time.

But thanks to Andy and Jessica’s Facebook video, adoption requests flooded into the store. That led to some very good news!

good news

Hopefully, this story will inspire more kind people to open their homes to animals in need of love and compassion. Watch the touching moment between Jessica and Clutch in the video below, and please share to spread some love for adopting animals!

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