Clever Crow Caught On Camera Removing Bird Spikes From Building

An industrious crow removes bird spike from a building ledge.

The Corvid family of birds is the fifth most intelligent species in the animal kingdom. Corvids include crows, magpies, and several other birds. Studies have consistently shown their level of problem-solving skills. They have an intelligence level for reasoning and problem-solving roughly equivalent to a seven-year-old child. Our featured video fully displayed this, showing a crow removing bird spikes.

The video opens with people standing on the walk below a building, looking up. We can see a crow flitting around a ledge above the onlookers. Suddenly, the crow has a metal object in its beak.

A crow on a ledge systematically removing the bird spikes.
Image from Facebook.

As the bystanders watch, the crow tosses the object over the edge, where it lands on the ground. The camera pans down, following the object. What was on the ground was more than a half dozen bird spike strips. Apparently, they offended the crow, so he was removing them from the ledge!

The pile of bird spikes tossed off the ledge by an industrious crow.
Image from Facebook.

Our crow friend wasn’t done yet, either. If you found yourself laughing at his ingenuity, watch the video below. It’s more hilarious in live-action!

Crows will use tools and even make tools to accomplish tasks. In a California Academy of Sciences study with the University of Auckland, crows were recorded completing various complex tasks. The study demonstrated that crows are capable of causal reasoning. They can think through an entire process: “If I do this, that happens.”

Our crow friend knew the purpose of the spikes and decided to “fix” the ledge by removing the bird spikes. We applaud his ingenuity and determination to make the world safer for birds. We hope someone picks those spikes up before anyone tries to park there! If you enjoyed this fun exploration of the intelligence of crows, please share.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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