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These 23 Cleaning Products Are So Good You’ll Never Dread Doing Chores Again

Cleaning your home can take a lot of time and elbow grease, and worst of all, it’s something that you just have to do over and over again. Bathroom grime, grease splatters, carpet stains, dust accumulation… Your house can get messy and dirty very quickly.

Fortunately, there are many cleaning products that can make this annoying process so much faster and more efficient. We guarantee you – these ingenious products will have you saying “Wow, that’s smart!” out loud at least… 23 times. 

1. A spin mop and bucket that literally makes wringing a hands-free experience (it’s foot-activated!)

o-cedar mop and bucket

Buyers of this mop bucket keep praising how easy it is to use. The spin feature wrings excess water with no effort, and the microfiber mop locks in dirt better than any traditional cotton mop — a game-changer. 

Happy customer review:  “I don’t write many reviews, but this is the easiest, most cost-efficient, and effective system ever! Vacuum the floor first, fill to the line marked inside the bucket, snap the microfiber mop head in (SO soft!!), screw the handle together, and have at it! The wringer part of the bucket is fantastic. No chemical cleaner either. I purchased the cleaning pods you can put in the bucket as well. Buy this — you won’t regret it.” – Karen L. Hope

2. A no-touch, disposable toilet bowl cleaner that eliminates the need to store a (very nasty) toilet brush in your bathroom. 


We love that it’s just so simple to use and requires no contact with any germ-ridden object. You just click the wand on the disposable scrub pad and dispose of right after without needing to touch it. Goodbye, disgusting toilet brush!

Happy customer review: “I can’t believe I waited so long to buy this! I have 1 in each bathroom and you can literally clean your toilet with one hand. The wand is so easy to use, just push the wand into a pad until it clicks, and you’re ready to use. There’s enough soap on the pad to clean even the nastiest toilet. Amazing, and no more gross toilet brushes in the bathroom! – Rachel K.

3. A mini, compressed sponge with built-in soap perfect for taking to work or on trips. 


Whether you want to clean your dishes at the office (and avoid the communal sponge) or during your camping trips, these sponges are super practical, as you can take them everywhere you go. They are also biodegradable!

Happy customer review: “These are the perfect size to pack away for trips and work great. We used it for camping. The amount of soap is good to wash a full meal’s worth of dishes and then you can just toss out the sponge and grab a new one for the next time. Great idea and implementation.” – Beau

4. A mini vacuum cleaner for the car that effortlessly reaches all the dirty, crumb-filled nooks and crannies of the car. 


We all know that cars can get dirty pretty easily, especially if you have kids who love to eat in the car and scatter crumbs of food all over the place. This portable vacuum cleaner is lightweight but has strong suction power. 

Happy customer review: “This is a GREAT little vacuum for getting crumbs off the table, hard-to-reach spots in the car, etc. I wasn’t expecting much power for its size but it has great suction and if you keep it clean, it works well for a long time. I’ve only had it for a month, but so far, the battery life is great. It’s the only vacuum my wife liked as a gift!” – Ian R. 

5. A clever broom and dustpan set with a self-cleaning comb that easily removes any annoying hairs and debris from the bristles. 


We love the design of this set that allows the broom to clip to the dustan and stand upright, plus the “teeth” that scrape off the clingy hairs and dust from the broom. Very clever!

Happy customer review:This broom is a dream come true. The broom attaches and stands straight to the dustpan. No tilting or wobble. The cleaning rake easily removes cat hair, cat litter, dust, and debris from the broom. It is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room. I can assemble it to stand while I move furniture and not worry about it falling over.” – P Parmley 

6. A powerful laundry stain scrubber that helps you say goodbye to even the most stubborn stains. 

Carbone laundry stain treatment

The magical formula includes extra-strength bio enzymes that can easily remove oil, fruit, or vegetable stains from your favorite clothes. We also love that it comes with a scrubber to work the product into the fabric!

Happy customer review: “This product has saved me countless hours of soaking and scrubbing. My husband was on blood thinners and if it had not been for this product, I would have had to throw away sheets and clothes. I also used it on chair covers where red wine had been spilled. In every instance, the stains were gone in one washing! I love this so much I have given it away to numerous friends!” – A. A. Gauldin

7. A handy power scrubber that removes everyday grime from surfaces without exhausting you.


Yes, it looks like a giant electric toothbrush and it can be a huge timesaver. It’s perfect for those tight spaces in your house (like the annoying grout between tiles) and it really helps with cleaning faucets, tubs, or drains without destroying your back. 

Happy customer review: “This little scrubber packs a powerful punch. For me, it’s perfect for my bathroom vanity and shower. It’s easy to hold and allows you to get in small spaces for a really good cleaning. The attachments are great! I got out a couple of rough spots on my kitchen island using one of the non-abrasive pads. A handy little tool to have for a variety of cleaning needs. Great value!!” – Danae C.

8. A set of dusting and mop slippers you can use over your feet to clean your floors without kneeling or bending over.


How smart is that? It’s also great for preventing your dirty shoe soles from messing up your cleaning job. Plus, if you have kids, they will have fun helping you out!

Happy customer review: “Even after several washes, they still work great and can be used over and over. I wear them over my house shoes on my wood floors and also keep some in a basket by the front door for visitors to slip over their shoes before they come inside the house. Wood floors love them, it keeps them shiny and prevents scratches. Good price, good quality.” – Ch

9. A 3-in-1 shoe cleaner to bring your favorite shoes back to life as if they were brand new.


Most of us own a dirty pair of white sneakers begging for its life. This shoe care kit comes with a preloaded deep cleaning solution, a soft bristle, and a microfiber towel that can remove all the accumulated dirt on your shoes!

Happy customer review: “I’ve never cleaned my shoes before simply because I always wear them out and buy a new pair when the time’s up. But in this economy??? My air forces are still in good shape, just looking rough. This product made it super easy to use and in just 5 minutes, my shoes became white again 🙂 It’s also nice that they provide a towel that can be reused!” – Eliana Wu Chen

10. An anti-allergen mattress vacuum cleaner that will leave you shocked at how much dust and dirt is in your bed. 


Mattresses and pillows can get… pretty dirty. And it’s not even visible to the naked eye. This potent vacuum cleaner uses UV light and a hot air dehumidifier to kill dust mites and deep clean all dirt, pet hair, and dust from your bed, sofas, and pillows. 

Happy customer review: “Exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t believe what it pulled from our mattress. We are a pet-free/smoke-free home and still, it was amazing to see what came out.” – Amazon Customer

11. A weirdly shaped damp sponge that went viral because it actually picks up dirt and dust better than your traditional cloth.


The clever u-shaped groove design of the sponge works wonders for cleaning dirt and dust, even without any cleaning product. You just need to damp it in water and you’re good to go!

Happy customer review: “I have seen these on every clean-tok page and I finally caved. I honestly wish I had sooner because these are AMAZING. I don’t know how they do it, but these things grab up every last bit of dust and dirt off those hard-to-reach/annoying places. They are also so easy to clean and maintain, so they are built to last you for a while. – Christine O’Gara

12. A bougie yet practical paper towel holder with an integrated spraying bottle, because who wouldn’t want a convenient cleanup right at your fingertips? 


This is the type of product that impresses guests. We really like the weighted base and tension arm so that you can tear paper with just one hand, one at a time. The modern integrated pump is the cherry on top of the cake. So smart!

Happy customer review: “Ok, this is my new favorite cleaning toy! I love that it has such a stylish look. It’s almost magical to pull up on the ‘handle’ of a paper towel holder and discover a long clear tube filled with water ready to spritz anywhere I want. The arm that holds the paper towels is spring-loaded and keeps them in place. Hallelujah! How many times have I intended to get ONE paper towel and ended up with two or three? Simplehuman solved that. Thank you. Who knew a new paper towel holder would make me so happy? – LB

13. A less bougie but essential pumice stone made to clean even the hardest stains and mineral deposits.


This little but mighty stick does a fantastic job of cleaning unsightly toilet bowl rings, tub stains, grout discoloration, oil and fat stains, and so much more. Customers consensually praise its effectiveness at cleaning without scratching. 

Happy customer review: “Ok, I’m embarrassed by how dirty my oven was, but I cannot believe how clean this stone got it!!!! Literally took burnt areas right off with ease. As long as it’s wet, it doesn’t scratch the glass at all. Perfect tool for getting my oven cleaned! Also, use it for cleaning burnt-off food off the glass cooktop and it does amazing! Makes the job so much easier, and gunk rinses right off it with water!!! I have a second one for bathrooms and it takes hard water rings off a toilet bowl with ease! I couldn’t get them off with cleaner no matter how hard I tried, and the stone did it within minutes! Don’t hesitate, get the thing! – Savannah Johnson

14. A tub of the famous Pink Stuff, the super versatile paste that works amazingly on all types of surfaces.


This product is internet-famous and loved by many for a reason. The formula actually works. The best part is that it is very versatile – you can use it to remove stains, grease, or grime from just about anything!

Happy customer review: This stuff really does exactly what the container says it does and so much more. You don’t have to use as much elbow grease because this product does most of the work for you. I’m amazed every time I use it. It makes tough jobs not so tough anymore. I recommend this product because you get more bang for your buck. Can’t beat the price for what all you can get out of this product.” – Tricia

15. A self-cleaning flat mop and bucket set with an inner scraper that removes all dirt and hair and makes cleaning so much easier. 


Customers swear by this product because of the ingenious design that makes mopping easy and convenient. We also love the 360° rotating flat mop head that can reach all the corners of your house.  

Happy customer review: “Holy crap is this fantastic. Keeps the dirty water from the clean water, and it really does dry the heck out of the pad after you put it through the squeezer. Great scrubbing power without having to bend over so much. The bucket has inner markings to help you measure out floor cleaner. Gosh, I’ve only used this a few times and I really will absolutely never use anything but Moop again.” – Curtis Crismon

16. A fun microwave steam cleaner in the shape of an “Angry Mama” that removes all grease and dirt in just 7 minutes.


You just need to pour vinegar, water, and some drops of lemon into the body and watch the magic happen! The steam helps remove the dirt and stains from the microwave and it makes a really cool gift. 

Happy customer review: “This product really works. I had melted butter that splattered all over my microwave. I placed the proper amount of vinegar and water in the cleaner and ran it in the microwave for 7 minutes as stated. My microwave came out perfectly clean with no residue of any of the butter or other food. Definitely worth it.” – jersey girl67

17. A window blind duster with the perfect design to help you quickly finish one of the most annoying household chores.


It has 3 blades that can clean the tops and bottoms of 2 blinds together, and the microfiber sleeves can be removed for cleaning. Super handy! 

Happy customer review: “I’ve had my eyes on this for over a year. I’m an idiot for not using it sooner. I thought it’d be flimsy, but is actually sturdy. Blinds get quite dusty in Arizona. Instead of knocking dusty blinds around, cleaning one by one with dust in the eyes, this thing knocks out two at a time with minimal effort. No dust blowing in the air. Would highly recommend it to those with wood blinds.” – Paige

18. An eco-friendly toilet cleaning tablet that is both powerful in removing stains and gentle on the planet. 


These are plastic-free cleaning tablets that do wonders for your toilet. You just have to drop one tablet into the bowl, let it fizz and foam, and then brush and flush. Easy-peasy and good for the planet. How cool is that?

Happy customer review: “I was looking for a toilet cleaner that is both effective and eco-friendly. This is the right product that I want. Easy to use, best performance, and environment friendly. I will always come back for it.” – Zihao Li

19. A flexible lint brush that makes your appliances work better and faster and reduces fire hazards.


This long brush can remove lint, dust, and pet fur from dryer vents and refrigerator coils with minimal effort, helping maintain the health of your appliances!

Happy customer review: “After buying a cheaper version of this, we were disappointed. We searched for something better and found this one. After purchasing this one, we are in love! This thing cleans amazing and gets all the way down the line and around the corner. Its wide bristles really help get all the lint out and even help scrub some of the really stuck-in pieces off. We use this regularly now to clean out the vent because with having dogs there is always so much fur getting stuck everywhere and trapping lint keeps the dryer from drying as fast….problem solved now! – Leslie G. 

20. A much-needed pan scraper that easily removes that stubborn food residue in your pots and pans.


Food stuck in your pan can be so annoying to remove! With a comfortable and ergonomic design, this pan scraper makes the chore so much easier. Bonus: if you like to bake, this also works like a charm to cut dough!

Happy customer review: “I cannot imagine washing dishes without these! My mom gave me one a few years ago. It scrapes food off of your dishes, but I also use it to scrape food off of tables, floors, anywhere it gets left behind by kids! I seriously use these every single day. Get them! Try then! Love love love!” – Abbie M Farrens

21. A nifty bottle-cleaning tablet that requires no scrubbing and is perfect for those hard-to-clean drinking containers. 

Bottle Bright

Water bottles, thermoses, and other containers can get funky and gunky because they are not easy to wash. These tablets are a game-changer. You just need to drop one in warm water, let it soak, rinse, and that’s it! They’re also free of harsh chemicals and biodegradable. 

Happy customer review: “F’n amazing. I used this on my stainless Contigo travel mug. I use the same mug for coffee and green tea and it had built up a good “patina.” I followed the instructions for bad stains. They state to use hot water and leave overnight. The next morning, there was a brown scummy foam on top. I poured it out and it was completely, and I mean 100%, clean. All nooks, corners, everything. Absolutely no scrubbing at all. I 100% recommend this product. Simply incredible, I still cannot believe the results. – AKT

22. A giant lint roller that makes cleaning pet hair and other dirt so much easier and faster (especially for tall people!)


The extra-long handle and extra-wide roller are perfect for all parents of furry babies. You can use it on your carpet, bed, floor, and couch to pick up all the dirt and hair effortlessly. No back pain!

Happy customer review: “One of the smartest things to ever be made.  I use this on a daily basis for my dog, who sheds hair like there’s no tomorrow. It’s so lightweight and easy to use and it picks up pretty much everything. The extra rolls will be needed and I plan on using this forever. Do not hesitate, you’ll thank yourself later! Amazon Customer

23. A drain clog dissolver that comes with 5 “snakes” to unclog your drains and pull out ungodly sights (aka, lots of hair). 


Plumbing dramas can be stressful, but this Green Gobbler product works like magic to dissolve any clogged drains. We also love the handy sidekicks – the long snakes that help to remove all the yuck that’s inside the pipes. 

Happy customer review: “I can’t express it enough, this product is so worth every penny! Works better than any other product I’ve ever used before! There’s no strong odor at all and I can’t believe how fast it works, too!? If your clogs are difficult to dissolve, I highly recommend this amazing product!” – Dawn

Some Amazon reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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