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Choir Sings From Balconies In Hotel Lobby & It’s Nothing Short Of Heavenly

Left image shows the balcony sing from 2023 and the right image shows 2024.

The Colorado All-State Choir comprises high school students from all over the state. They have an annual tradition of lining the balcony rails to sing, creating some of the most melodious tones ever heard. The yearly gathering occurs at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown Convention Center.

The 2023 balcony sing was on February 13 under the direction of Dr. Z Randall Stroop. The hotel lobby’s acoustics are incredible. The lobby’s center is open to balconies on each floor, allowing the sound to resonate. Each floor’s tiers create a depth not heard in a traditional auditorium setting.

The balcony singing is part of the All-State Choir’s Festival. The students and chaperones stay at the hotel during the multi-day festival. The balcony singing is a pleasant by-product. We are unsure when the annual tradition began, but people look forward to the long-standing tradition. The February 10, 2024, performance under the direction of Dr. René Clausen is equally mesmerizing.

High school singers are eligible to audition from 9th through 12th grades. Some gifted singers return yearly, while others ebb and flow through the ranks. A common statement from members, past and present, is how much fun they had doing the balcony sings.

A Reddit poster commented that the All-State Choir allows any high school student to audition. Singers must prepare a classical piece of music, which counts toward 50 percent of the audition scoring. Additional scoring allows judges to determine a singer’s ability to sight-read an unfamiliar song. Singers receive ratings for their ability to hit the correct notes, rhythms, and intervals. A minimum combined score of 80 is required for consideration.

Several states have All-State choirs. Please share this with a hopeful singer in your circle.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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