Choir Boys Meow Their Way Through The Purrfect Performance — We Can’t Stop Laughing.

two choir boys singing an opera composed of "meows."

It doesn’t matter the language you speak or the country you live in – cow “moos” and cat “meows” are universal… just like music!


Thankfully for us, there is a certain something that unites those two universal languages in the best (and most hilarious) way possible: a song composed of meows. We are talking about an 1800s opera song that only says the word “meow.”

Yes, you read that right! There is a full-length song with nothing but “meows” in it. And yes, it does sound as funny as you’d think it would. But while it sounds like the funniest thing in the world, the singers who perform it take their job very, very seriously.

One of these performances, captured on video, shows two young boys singing in what appears to be a religious choir. Their faces remain incredibly stoic (considering the circumstance) while they meow, meow, and then… meow some more.

While the boys sing their “cat duet,” you can hear the audience giggling in the background. After watching this video, we don’t understand how these boys managed to finish the song without bursting into laughter. This just shows they are true “meow” professionals – and great singers as well!

Watch the meow-mazing performance below, and don’t forget to share with a friend you’d like to duet this with!

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