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Child Gives Mom Back Ice Cream Money For Sweetest Reason.

Every so often, our kids surprise us with the sort of emotionally-mature decisions that our hearts swell with pride. It’s a great reminder that no matter how difficult raising kids is, we’re doing something right.

An anonymous post on Reddit is giving people all the feels today because it perfectly sums up that feeling when you see your kids do the right thing without being asked. In a simple note with scrawling, childish handwriting, a child tells their mother that they have decided to forego the sweet treat they’d been promised for an all-too adult reason.


“Dear Mom,

You gave me and Jakiyah ice cream money but I’m giving my 1 dollar back to help you pay a bill. I don’t need ice cream there will be another time for that.

I love you,



At a very young age, this child has already realized that there are far more important things than ice cream. In fact, enjoying the momentary pleasure that a treat provides is nothing compared to the joy you get from a selfless act of kindness for someone you love.

It takes years for some people to learn this sort of life lesson, but this child has already absorbed it. While we don’t know a lot about this family’s situation, it’s clear from this sweet note that they’re raising their kids with love, gratitude, and empathy for others.

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