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“What Is Happening Right Now?!” Chickens Frozen In Place Baffle Human Mom.

chickens frozen in place with the caption "Have you ever seen a glitch in the matrix"

Brianna Antoinette (BRI) is a social media personality and life coach. She also raises chickens. We can’t tell exactly what type of chickens she has, but we think they are Barred Plymouth Rock chickens. Chickens are typically super-charged little balls of energy, especially at feeding time. The frenetic activity they exhibit when a human enters their space is crazy. When BRI was preparing to feed her small flock of five hens, she was surprised when they just stopped moving. It was like her chickens experienced a glitch in the matrix in real time.

BRI was recording at the time, or we might not believe this. The video has gone viral, and several comments offer potential reasons for the glitch. Watch the video here and see the weirdness for yourself.


What in the world happened to the chickens🤯😵‍💫🫨 #viral #fyp

♬ original sound – ✨BRI✨

As you can see, it isn’t just one or two of her birds. It is the entire flock. They stopped in their tracks and remain standing as still as statues. BRI calls to her chickens several times and wonders aloud what is happening. Normally a bundle of activity, happily following “mom” for grub-time, they just stopped. After her chickens had this glitch in the matrix moment, they were acting as if nothing weird had happened.

Chickens acting normally after experiencing a glitch in the matrix where they stood as still as statues for a lengthy period of time.
Image from TikTok.

BRI started her flock with ten chickens. She is now down to five and didn’t understand why her little hens were disappearing. Her shrinking flock of chickens may be related to the glitch in the matrix. After witnessing this odd event, BRI did some research into potential causes. The most noteworthy information she found related to an outside intruder in their space. Hawks.

A hawk in a nearby tree, eying the delicious looking chickens in a yard below.
Image from TikTok.

Making The Yard Safe For Her Chickens

BRI spotted a hawk nearby in a tree. According to her research, hens will stop moving and stand still when a predator is in the vicinity. Looking at all the factors, this is the most likely reason that her chickens froze. Realizing that the hen’s self-protective measure was ineffective, Brianna set about to make her yard area safer for her remaining birds.

We’ve seen other animals have similar glitches, but there isn’t always a viable explanation. At least BRI was able to pinpoint the cause. In a follow-up video, BRI explains what happened to cause the original glitch. In other videos on her TikTok channel, she also describes the protective measures they have put in place to keep her chickens safe. There is also a shoutout to Nick as she shows viewers an enormous rock on her left ring finger. Congratulations on your engagement BRI! Watch the follow-up below. We’re pretty sure that since they have found the culprit and enacted safety measures, her chickens will no longer glitch.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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