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Cherished Family Heirloom Finds Way Home Thanks To Incredible Coincidence.

Annie Cunningham and Ryleigh Gleason holding heirloom cross stich

There are some coincidences that are so incredible, we wonder if it’s destiny.

Annie Cunningham of Arizona grew up seeing a handmade cross stitch hanging on her family’s living room wall. The framed artwork was made by her grandmother as a wedding present for her parents, and it was a cherished heirloom. Sadly, when Annie’s father passed away, most of his belongings were donated or simply disappeared.

“It was done as a wedding present to my parents, way, way, way back when,” Annie explained. “My father passed and everything of his was basically donated, given away, we don’t really know what happened to a bulk majority of it.”

The mystery of the missing cross stitch was solved one day, out of the blue, when Annie turned up for a cleaning job at the home of Ryleigh Gleason. She’d been working in the kitchen for half an hour when she glanced up at the wall, and there was her family’s cross stitch!

Annie rushed to get a closer look and confirmed it was the same piece of art. When she asked Ryleigh about it, the homeowner says she picked it up at a nearby Goodwill store because the colors matched her 70’s-themed décor. She couldn’t believe that it belonged to the random housecleaner she’d hired!

“I feel like this happened for a reason,” said Ryleigh. “It’s obviously meant to be with her because it’s come back to her.”

Ryleigh gave the art back to Annie without hesitation. As a thank you, Annie created a new cross stitch to take its place on Ryleigh’s kitchen wall. Ryleigh says she was more than happy to return the heirloom to its rightful owner.

“I was really, really happy to do so,” she said. “I feel it’s finally at home and it took a long time to get to you but it made its way back.”

Now that’s a coincidence! We have to agree with Ryleigh – this really seems meant to be.

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