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Beagle Goes Bananas When He Spots His Favorite Human After 18 Months Apart.

If you’ve ever met a beagle, you know they’re incredibly vocal little dogs with a penchant for drama. In an adorable video, a pup named Charlie from Atlanta, Georgia, demonstrates just much noise these adorable hounds can make when they’re excited!

Charlie’s dad has been off traveling the world for the past 18 months, leaving his beloved dog with family members in his absence. When he returned home, they captured Charlie’s exuberant reaction to finally seeing his favorite human again, and the video is just too cute! Charlie starts off whining and crying before deciding that’s not getting his point across clearly enough. That’s when he starts a series of howling barks – which he just won’t stop until his dad knows how much he loves him!

We don’t think we’ve ever been this excited about anything. We hope Charlie gets plenty of snuggles to make up for all those days apart. See their precious reunion in the video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends.

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