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This Taekwondo “Superbaby” Is Leaving Everyone Speechless With His Epic Kicks.

For the past 30 years, Cezar Galvao Nascimento of Portugal has been perfecting his craft.

As a sixth-degree black belt, the taekwondo master works as a personal trainer and physical therapy aid. He loves teaching martial arts to kids, so when his son Joshua was born, he didn’t waste any time getting him involved in the sport.

Josh was just 8 months old when Cezar noticed he had a natural ability that could easily be cultivated.

“He could barely walk, he was grabbing stuff, and he raised his leg and started kicking me. I’m like, ‘Woah,'” the dad recalled.

Cezar started working with his son, showing him how to kick higher than his head while not hurting his opponent. Ever since, he’s been dismissing critics who think he’s just teaching his son to fight, reminding them that taekwondo builds discipline and empowers children.

“I trained for 30 years, he got it at 1 year old,” Cezar joked. “Martial arts builds up the skills in the children, they feel like they’re superheroes. That’s why we call him ‘superbaby.'”

In addition to working on Josh’s physical skills, Cezar focuses on teaching his son right and wrong… presumably so he can use his superpowers for good!

A toddler martial artist is an unusual sight, which is why Cezar’s TikTok channel has blown up since he started sharing videos of Josh’s training sessions. His adorably impressive posts get millions of likes, and over a million people have followed him for updates on his “superbaby.”

Cezar never misses a chance to train his son, and the toddler seems to absolutely love working on his skills. In fact, his dad says every workout and training session is just another way to help his son become strong and responsible.

“We teach him respect, love one another. I’m building him to become better and stronger to face life,” Cezar added.

We’d say it’s working – just watch how Josh can kick the cap right off a water bottle.

Such precision for a kid his age! We couldn’t even do that as adults, to be honest. Josh is definitely showing the world that you don’t have to be a certain age to master even the toughest skill.

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