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Owner Baffled When Dog Disappears Every Morning, Then Follows Him & His Heart Breaks.

As any dog owner knows, a canine companion’s capacity for love and devotion is second to none. Who else will greet you with such unbridled joy when you walk through the door, even though you forgot to feed him that morning? Possibly this cat, which refused to leave her owner’s grave even a year after she’d passed away.

A dog named Cesur had similar issues after his owner passed away early this year.

Mehmet Ilhan was 77 years old and had been paralyzed for years when he decided to adopt Cesur, mostly for companionship. The bond that developed between them was unexpectedly strong, and they remained inseparable for two years.

The Dodo

When Mehmet was hospitalized for several days at a hospital in Turkey’s Bursa Province, Cesur was inconsolable and stopped eating. And when Mehmet passed away in January, Cesur was the one chosen to lead the procession to a nearby mosque. Once there, his devotion remained on display as he stood by the coffin, then followed the mourners to the cemetery.

The Dodo

Thankfully, Mehmet’s son, Ali, was able to provide a new home for Cesur, but the dog remained in mourning. Ever since the funeral, he’d take off on his own every morning by himself. Though Cesur always returned, Ali was curious to find out where he’d gone. So he followed him one morning and was shocked to see Cesur heading directly into the graveyard.

The Dodo

“The people who work in the cemetery say the first thing he does in the morning is visit the grave of my father,”Ali said.

The Dodo

Just like a human would visit a loved one’s grave to mourn and remember, this little dog spends every morning visiting his late owner’s grave. Even after death, Cesur continues to show his love and devotion to his best friend.

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