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Celine Dion Tells Story Of Talented “Kid” Singer— Crowd Loses It When They See Who He Is.

No one can deny the power of Josh Groban’s voice. The talented 36-year-old singer-songwriter has been wowing audiences for almost twenty years. As of 2012, he has sold over 25 million records worldwide.

Having amazing talent is one thing, but getting discovered is a whole other feat in itself. Luckily for Josh, his big break came one fateful day back in 1998, when 17-year-old Josh found the courage to take a huge leap of faith.


It all started one day when music producer David Foster called David and told him he was needed to stand in during a rehearsal for a Grammy Awards performance.


As fate would have it, Josh was being asked to fill in for Andrea Bocelli who was too sick to make it to his rehearsal of “The Prayer” with Celine Dion. Josh knew that this opportunity could lead to a potentially big break for his career, but he almost did not go to the rehearsal because he didn’t feel prepared.

David had to convince Josh that this was an offer he could not pass up.


When Josh arrived, he was practically thrown right into the rehearsal. Even Celine noticed the fear that Josh was feeling. During a concert that was televised live on CBS, Celine shared her first initial reaction to meeting Josh:

During a concert that was televised live on CBS, Celine shared her first initial reaction to meeting Josh: “He’s so nervous and shaking…I was feeling nervous for him!”


As soon as Josh took the mic all of the nervousness went away and Celine was instantly shocked at the power of his voice.

In the video below, Celine shares the story of how she was a part of Josh’s big break. Then, she invites him to the stage to together relive that fateful rehearsal from 1998 by performing “The Prayer” once again.

Watch the whole performance below and share this story if you were inspired by Josh’s courage to push past his fears.

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