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Celine Dion Announces New Documentary: Aims To Spread Awareness Of The Rare Neurological Disorder She’s Battling.

Celine Dion singing to her audiences on stage.

Grammy-winning singer Celine Dion has been struggling with a rare health issue for years, and she’s ready to tell her story. Her upcoming documentary, I Am: Celine Dion will offer a look into her battle with stiff person syndrome. This neurological disorder causes a variety of debilitating symptoms which have made life difficult for the performer. However, she’s hoping that she can help others by shining a light on the illness.

According to Johns Hopkins, people with stiff person syndrome often experience stiffness and muscle spasms. These symptoms can also cause frequent falls and difficulty getting around. For Celine Dion, living with this health condition has meant cancelling shows and taking a step back from the stage. Currently, there is no cure for the painful disorder.

Celine Dion singing to her audiences on stage.
Wikimedia Commons

Celine Dion’s documentary will highlight her own experience of managing the uncommon illness. American Songwriter tells us that director Irene Taylor will be helping the singer tell her story. Amazon has already picked up the film.

“This last couple of years has been such a challenge for me, the journey from discovering my condition to learning how to live with and manage it, but not to let it define me,” Dion wrote on Instagram. “During this absence, I decided I wanted to document this part of my life, to try to raise awareness of this little-known condition, to help others who share this diagnosis.”

Sharing your personal struggles with the world can be daunting, but it can also help others feel less alone. Here’s hoping that Celine Dion’s documentary will give a voice to all those fighting stiff person syndrome!

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