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Cats Are Weird — See For Yourself In This Rousing Game Of Spin The Kitty!

woman reaching for cat on bed

Regarding being weird, cats seem to be the reigning monarchs. Whether chasing bugs or jumping away from the ever-dangerous cucumber, our cats display the oddest behavior. Some cats perch in high places and adopt a judgy expression as they watch their humans doing human things. Others lay in wait around corners and under beds to make playful grabs at unsuspecting ankles. Every cat owner has tales of mischief and hilarity about their little charges.

Image from Instagram.

The cat in this Instagram video is no different. Apparently, when cat-mom was making the bed one day, kitty decided to be a lump. To discourage this behavior, the cat’s mom spun her kitty around on the duvet, making squealy noises. When the spinning stopped, the cat stared at her with an expression that said, “Is that all you got?” Rather than discouraging the kitty from being a lump and interrupting bed-making time, her cat now expects demands to be spun around daily.

See for yourself:

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