Cat Has Oddest Reaction To Vacuum, Can’t Get Enough Of Suction Power In Hilarious Video!

If you’ve ever had a cat for a pet, you know they are usually extremely scared of vacuums. Without fail, when a vacuum gets turned on, any cat in the vicinity will go running for cover.


We can’t really blame cats for their fear. Between the loud noise and the fact that vacuums are constantly moving from one place to another, they must seem completely unpredictable to the usually cautious creatures.

However, one cat in Russia stands far above the rest of his feline family.


Andrey Lebedev posted a video online of his cat Rijka playing with an extension of Andrey’s vacuum cleaner. Rijka’s reaction to the vacuum is so hilarious, the video became an instant hit all over the internet.


In the video below, Rijka is seen holding a vacuum with both paws, looking super adorable. Then Rijka begins sticking his tongue in the vacuum! He’s totally obsessed with his unconventional toy even though the suction power has got to be super strong.


Finally, the inevitable happens! The fearless feline sticks his tongue too far down and right away his mouth gets pulled in.

Still, Rijka does not give up on his quest to defeat the vacuum. As any true hero would, he continues to battle the vacuum with little swats from his paws.

The whole video is both adorable and so hilarious.

Check it out below and share!

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