Cat “Steals” Woman’s Fiancé With A Single Purrrfectly Adorable Look.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a man looking at something out of shot while sitting on a couch. A small kitten rests on his chest. The second photo is a close up of that same kitten, now sitting on a couch while the same man has an arm around her.

As many pet parents know, you don’t always choose who your next four-legged friend will be – rather, they’re they ones who choose you. That’s exactly what happened to this Reddit user. Well, not quite. Technically, their newest kitten chose her fiancé, not her.

The two of them live in Arizona and, right now, the heat is absolutely deadly. When the woman’s fiancé discovered the lonely cat roaming outside in the 114 degree weather, he couldn’t bare to leave her. The poor thing was no doubt burning up, and she was notably skinny. This Reddit user learned of this when she got home and found an unknown cat in the house.

Omg some other girl just stole my fiancés heart!!!!!!!!
by u/oldnboredinaz in cats

“Apparently now she lives with us and her formal name is princess hissy britches and her daily name is Vixy,” the Reddit user wrote. “I have been informed.”

Surprises aren’t for everyone, but we have to say, this is a purrfectly adorable one!

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