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Cat Interrupts Her Own Funeral, Leaving Her Human Family Pawsitively Speechless.

A woman smiles as she holds up her 13-year-old cat named Kitty. The cat is fluffy and mainly white on the front with grey on her head and back.

A couple on TikTok decided to share their unusual cautionary tale — and they cold not stop laughing while they did. It all started when they thought their 13-year-old cat, who’s name is Kitty, had died… emphasis on the fact that they thought she had died. One evening, they noticed they hadn’t seen Kitty for hours. In turn, they spent hours searching, quite literally, everywhere for her.

By the time 3 a.m. rolled around, they forced themselves to sleep — but only for three hours. By 6 a.m. they were awake again, and their search continued. They even borrowed a neighbor’s thermal camera to help them locate her. But by the time their kid’s started to ask questions, they figured it was time to be honest. Well, almost.

Since it was possible that one of them accidentally let Kitty out, they didn’t have the heart to say she was missing. Instead, they said she was sick at the vet and likely wouldn’t be coming back. They were all devastated, parents included, and decided to throw her a funeral. The kids even requested heart-shaped waffles since, according to them, Kitty loved hearts.

Then, as they commiserated over waffles and their favorite memories of Kitty, an oddly familiar sound came from the garage…

Watch this perplexed couple recount their unusual story in the video below.


A breakfast miracle!

♬ original sound – momchats

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