Man Takes Cat To Dog Show, But Wait ‘Til You See How They Respond

Robert Dollwet has a special love for training four legged friends… four-legged Cats that is! Sounds unlikely, I know… but wait until you see the little guys in action!

Dollwet has set out to prove that cats are just as capable as their canine counterparts. His tabby mix Didga walks on a leash, sits on command and even comes when called!

The incredible trainer was so successful, he recently adopted a companion for Didga, a Bengal cat named Boomer.  Bengals, who are known for their playful, dog-like countenance, are not the kind of breed every cat owner can handle. But as you will see in the video, they’re definitely a ball of fun!

And so the Bengal’s adventurous nature prompted Dollwet to do the unthinkable…

He decided to take Boomer to a dog show.

But don’t feel bad for him, he got along just fine! Watch below, as little Boomer goes nose to nose with some very confused, and rather amused dogs. It’s crazy to think a cat could be trained this well, but seeing is certainly believing.

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