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10-Yr-Old Sees Oven Burst Into Flames & Rushes To Save Lives Of 6 Seniors.

Have you ever wondered how you’d react in a real crisis? Would you jump into action, stand still with fear, or something in between?

When 10-year-old Carlos Matos was faced with a life-threatening crisis, he was able to remain calm and collected – which led to six lives being saved.


Carlos’ mom, Liz owns the Magnolia Manor, a senior center in California where six patients were housed. One day, Carlos was at the center and noticed the oven smoking, and before he was able to register it, it exploded with “flames reaching the ceiling.”

While most kids (and adults) would panic, Carlos remained calm and called for help while his mom worked to evacuate the residents. Carlos called the fire department and gave them all the necessary information to get to the center quickly and efficiently while Liz was able to get all six patients to safety.


Once the fire department arrived, they weren’t able to save the home, everything was destroyed (except the food that had been cooking in the oven). Carlos had several toys and games in the center which were ruined, but still, the 10-year-old stayed level-headed and was just happy his family “got the people out.”

“That’s what matters,” he said.


The family’s community is now rallying around Carlos, and have even created a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $5,000 to help the Matos’ rebuild the senior center. Many friends and family members have praised Liz on social media for raising such a sweet young man, calling Carlos a “beautiful boy”, “one in a million”, “brave”, and “smart”.


The Healdsburg Fire Marshal, Linda Collister echoed the community’s sentiments about Carlos, saying that he has a “cool head on his shoulders”. Additionally, the Healdsburg City Council is planning to formally commend the young man’s bravery – something everyone seems to agree he deserves.

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