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Carjackers Leave 2-Yr-Old Alone On Side Of Road, But Bus Drivers Come To The Rescue!

School Bus drivers rescue toddler after carjacking

Driving a school bus is an often thankless job, but they’re unsung heroes in many ways.

Authorities in Kentwood, Michigan are especially grateful for two drivers who worked together quickly to bring a kidnapped toddler home. It all started when Dave Skinner, a driver for Kelloggsville Public Schools, was flagged down by two frantic parents whose vehicle was carjacked with their 2-year-old inside.

“They screamed at me that somebody had stolen their car with their baby in it,” Dave recalled.

Security footage on the bus shows Dave calling 911 for help, but then he took his alert a step further. He picked up his CB radio and told all of the other bus drivers in the area what was going on.

Sue Figueroa was driving her route when she heard Dave’s announcement. She remembered seeing a toddler sitting by the side of the road a few blocks back, which had struck her as out of the ordinary. She quickly turned the bus around and went back, spotting the young child in the same spot, wrapped in a blanket. She stopped the bus and rushed to get the toddler safely on her bus.

“I’m gonna get you home,” she’s heard saying to the child on the surveillance video.

Sue took the child to his parents, who were flooded with emotion and gratitude. Their car has still not been recovered, and police are asking the public for help tracking down the carjacker. Yet for all involved, the important thing is that the child was not injured during this scary ordeal.

“Cars are replaceable, but I’m glad their child’s home,” Dave said.

The community has praised Dave and Sue for their heroic actions that day! Dave, Sue, and supervisor Kristin Nickelson were acknowledged by the Kelloggsville Board of Education and by Nate Engle, the West Michigan Regional Liaison of the Executive Office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Dave’s simple action and Sue’s attention to detail made all the difference in this situation. We’re glad to know there are attentive drivers like them out on the roads with our kids.

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