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Girl Begs Cargo Ship To Honk Horn & Immediately Regrets It.

cargo ship honk

Remember when you were a kid and you were in the car or riding the school bus – anytime a Mack truck passed by, you just couldn’t resist doing the overhead fist pump to get the driver to honk their horn?

We all did it… and we all squealed with delight when they obliged. But a little Swedish girl got a little more “toot toot”than she was prepared for after asking a cargo ship to honk at her.


Vilma Hansson was standing with her parents on a pier at Varberg Port on the southern coast of Sweden when a massive cargo vessel came into the harbor.

She just had to do it.


Going, going… c’mon, just do it!

She gets her ill-considered wish at around 24 seconds in – and immediately regrets it, turning heels to run.


Her dad, Tobias, posted the hilarious video in 2012, and it’s gotten nearly 11 million views in the five years since. Viewers around the world are in stitches watching her reaction:


Poor Vilma, she probably never asked for a truck to honk at her ever again.

Watch the video below – and if you’re watching with headphones on, you’re going to want to take them off, or your ears will be ringing for days. Don’t forget to share to spread some laughs!

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