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cardboard cutout mom

Parents Come Up With Funny Solution For Toddler Who Wants Mommy Nonstop.

When kids are little it can be hard for parents to get even a moment to themselves.

Nezi and Fuki Sato of Japan have noticed that their son is only happy when his mom is in the room. Every time Fuki tries to do a chore in a different part of their home, the child instantly notices her absence and begins to fuss. Finally, Nezi decided to try an unusual “parenting hack” to give his wife a break.


At first glance, it appears that this photo Nezi shared on Twitter shows Fuki standing guard over their son from the next room. A closer look shows us that it’s not Fuki at all ⁠— it’s actually a life-sized cardboard cutout of her! The parents simply place the faux Fuki in a corner of the room so she can take five minutes to herself now and then.


The couple is careful to place the cutouts out of the child’s reach to maintain the illusion. Lest you fear that the child is being left unattended, remember that his dad is there in the room with him the whole time. This just lets Fuki leave the room occasionally while avoiding meltdowns.

After they shared the pictures on Twitter the story went viral. Parents everywhere were tempted to give this a try themselves. Maybe moms everywhere can finally use the bathroom in peace?


We do wonder what will happen when the toddler gets a little bit older and figures out what his parents have been up to! When he’s grown up and has kids of his own, he’ll understand why they resorted to trickery.

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