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Car Crash Victim Gets Pulled From Burning Vehicle By None Other Than NFL Superstar.

KJ Osborn and other Good Samaritans save man from burning car.

NFL player KJ Osborn firmly believes that he was in the “right place” at exactly the “right time” to help save the life of a man involved in a potentially deadly car accident. The wide receiver was in Austin, Texas last March for training with his team, the Minnesota Vikings, when he came across a car that was moments away from bursting into flames.

Leaping from the Uber he was riding in, KJ didn’t hesitate to use his considerable strength and speed to join other bystanders helping the victim trapped inside. Two men, Abdulmejied and Arthur, along with a woman named Rita, helped KJ pull the car door open and haul the victim from the car. KJ then carried the man to safety.

KJ later wrote about the accident on social media and shared a few photos. He refused to take all the credit and praised the three other heroes who made the dramatic rescue possible.

“Most of the time the saying goes ‘wrong place wrong time,'” he wrote in a statement after the accident. “But this time I believe God had me, us, at the right place at the exact right time.”

It’s a situation KJ says he’d “never imagine being a part of in a million years.”

“Last night myself and these 3 absolute [heroes] helped save a man’s life by rescuing him from a vehicle up in flames after a bad crash,” he explaned.

In an interview with CBS Minnesota, KJ says he carried the man 10 or 15 yards from the car out of fear it would explode. Once authorities arrived on the scene, they thanked KJ and the other Good Samaritans for saving the man’s life.

“By the end, you know, the fire trucks came and the ambulance and the police and everything like that,” he said. “And they were just thanking us that we saved this guy’s life. And without us, you know, he could have definitely for sure burned in that car.”

The accident victim later came forward on Twitter to thank KJ and his other roadside angels. Social media influencer and TV personality Nelson Thomas suffered serious injuries, but he’s beyond thankful to have made it out of the crash alive.

“I was involved in a car accident,” he tweeted the day after the accident. “I want to thank KJ for being on the scene and filming my rescue. I am forever grateful to Abdulmejied Hairedin, Rita, and Arthur for pulling me out of a burning vehicle, risking their own lives to save mine. Words can’t explain how grateful I am to be alive. God is truly great and he has you in his hands no matter who you are. I’m in high spirits and getting stronger.”

One month later, Nelson was finally able to leave the hospital, though he has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

We can’t help but agree with KJ; he was definitely placed on that highway for a reason. If we ever need to be lifted and carried away from an accident, we can only hope a strong pro athlete like KJ happens to be there to save the day!

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