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Can’t Wait, Won’t Wait: The 9 Reasons We’re Already Decorating For Christmas!

Split frame. Left shows a person handing a Christmas gift to another person. Right frame shows an elderly lady holding a tray of Christmas goodies.

No one knows who “invented” Christmas, but the celebration dates back to the days of Roman Emperor Constantine! Santa Claus and Christmas decorations didn’t come around until much later. But we’re sure glad they did, because we think it’s high time we started decorating for Christmas this year!

The Christmas season has become a beacon of happiness and joy for many. But when is it too early to begin decorating for this holiday? Some Christmas decorations hit store shelves before Halloween has even ended! Traditionally, November 1 marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. But why wait?

A quaint house with Christmas decorations and lights for the holiday season.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

1. Hallmark Movie Channel Christmas In July

The biggest reason people aren’t sure when to decorate for Christmas… the confusion created by the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July! There, I said it. We all had specific family traditions, but in 2012, the Hallmark Channel up-ended our lives with Christmas in July. Now nobody knows when to decorate! This has caused some people to leave Christmas decorations up all year to avoid missing out.

2. My Parents Always Did Christmas Decorations That Way

Some people decorate at a specific time because their families always do it that way. In our family, the tree went up two weekends before Christmas and not a minute earlier. That tradition got lost once I reached my adult years — my tree has already been up for two weeks! The Christmas decorations came out in my house as we put away our skeletons and ghosts! We might put the tree away in time for the Easter Bunny. Maybe we’ll add some pastel garland and call it an Easter tree? Think about your family holiday traditions. Do you do the same things your parents and grandparents did or switch it up?

3. Bronners In Frankenmuth, MI Is Open All Year

In Frankenmuth, MI, it is always Christmas at Bronners. The “World’s Largest Christmas Store” does celebrate other holidays. The Easter Bunny visits yearly, and they add some Halloween and traditional fall decorations. The building occupies 7.35 acres. It is packed with every type of Christmas decoration you can imagine. If you go during your birthday month, you’ll even get a free ornament! If Bronners is open, it must be time to decorate for Christmas, right?

Image shows a portion of Bronners Christmas Store in Frankenmuth, MI.
Image from Flickr.

4. Radio Stations Have To Clear The Dust

The shelf where they store all the Christmas music gathers dust about 10 or 11 months per year. During routine housekeeping, the radio stations pull out all the time-honored classics and give them a spin to clear the cobwebs. I love the season but can’t stand the music, so this time of year, it’s all CDs in the car for me! If you love the music, YouTube has some lovely (and very long) playlists. The one below is almost four hours long, and you can play it as background music while you finish reading!

5. It’s The Christmas Cookies For Me!

Christmas cookies are the best! I begin baking a lot in September each year, testing new recipes or brushing up on old favorites. My friends avoid me during this period because they’re all on pre-holiday diets. Not me. Please give me all the cookies! These gingerbread cookies are the absolute BEST! Although, if I must be honest, most of the ones I bake don’t get decorations because that is a tedious process.

Image shows decorated gingerbread cookies shaped in stars and trees.
Image supplied by the author. Used with permission.

6. And Don’t Forget the Fudge!

Fudge is another seasonal favorite. I don’t often make fudge, but I haunt the craft bazaars to seek out our local “Fudge Lady.” This year, she made a new thing called “Turtle Fudge.” It’s like a pecan turtle candy, but fudge! I am convinced that I did not buy enough! Support local businesses during the holiday season. Your purchase might light their tree!

Image shows fudge displayed for sale.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

7. Gift-Giving Increases Dopamine Levels

*** Scientific information warning ***

According to the Cleveland Clinic, gift-giving offers us health benefits. When we give, our brains release feel-good chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. This gives us a natural boost to our mental state, which may also contribute to lower blood pressure and increase self-esteem. The effects of gift-giving can also help us combat depression. Because decorating early puts us in that gift-giving spirit, it can also benefit our mental health.

Image shows a man giving a woman a gift for Christmas.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

8. Gift-Giving Helps You Live A Longer Life

*** MORE Scientific information warning ***

A separate study from the University of Michigan discovered that people who give gifts live 60 percent longer than Scrooges. And for those who can’t afford those expensive gifts? Not to worry. “Giving” includes doing things for others, such as volunteering at a local shelter, food pantry, or senior center.

Image shows a young woman with a baby visiting an elderly person, who is holding a wrapped tray containing Christmas goodies.
Image from YouTube.

9. Decorate Early Just Because It’s FUN!

It doesn’t matter when you put up your holiday decorations as long as you enjoy them! Getting joy out of an action is a reward in itself. So, if you only want two weeks of Christmas spilling out around your house, do that. If you want a month or two, do that. In a world that can be chaotic and abysmal, having a little extra joy won’t hurt us. Get in the giving spirit and sign up for a few volunteer shifts at your favorite charity!

Whatever your holiday traditions are, they are yours, making them right! Don’t worry about the stigma of being the only house on the block with Santa blow-ups on the lawn in July! If Rudolph is your guy, leave him on your roof all year! Spread the joy and share this with your friends!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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