Pregnant Cancer Survivor Gets Cutest Answer To Her Prayers On 2/22/22 At 2:22 — In Room 2!

Twos-Day Baby

Of all the interesting birthdays in history, Judah Grace Spear might have the coolest one ever.

The bouncing baby girl was welcomed into the world at exactly 2:22 a.m. on “Two’s-Day,” otherwise known as 2/22/22. For the record, this rare numerical occurrence won’t happen again for four centuries, in the year 2422! Incredibly, her unique date of birth isn’t the only thing that makes this baby special.

Judah’s mother, Aberli Spear, is a cancer survivor. She has spent the past six years battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and the sheer magnitude of the medical treatments she went through made her odds of conceiving a child extremely low. Doctors warned Aberli and her partner, Hank Spear, that having babies might not be in the cards for them.

Still, the couple never gave up hope. They prayed for a baby every day, and when Aberli finally finished her cancer treatments in 2020, they hoped for a miracle.

Now, their miracle is here, and she made her entrance on a day we won’t see again for hundreds of years!

The couple chose to name their little girl Judah as a nod to those answered prayers. The name literally means “praise,” and their family is so happy to have a baby to celebrate after all they’ve been through with Aberli’s cancer fight.

As new grandma Kristi Engelbrecht said, “Judah is a reminder of all things good, God’s promises kept, and a community pulling together for the good of one another.”

Both mom and baby are healthy and recovering well. This is one birth hospital staff members won’t soon forget.

One more incredible coincidence? Judah happened to be born in labor and delivery room number, you guessed it, 2! Isn’t that just “2” perfect? We couldn’t imagine a better birth for this sweet blessing. Congratulations to her entire family!

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