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“Can Your Dogs Swim?” UPS Driver Follows His Instincts And Saves Pets From Pool.

Colin Mitchell smiling as he squats outside and starts to pet Jeff and Rebecca's two dogs. One is a golden color and is smaller than the large, dark brown dog walking up behind him. They're in Jeff and Rebecca's backyard. The pool can be seen from a distance behind them.

Thanks to this intuitive UPS driver, an Iowan family still has their beloved dogs.

Recently, Colin Mitchell was going about a typical day of delivering packages – that is, until he reached Jeff and Rebecca Marra’s house. He dropped off their stuff as normal but, as he headed back to his truck, he couldn’t help but notice something happening in their backyard that seemed unusual.

Inside a pool were two dogs. This wasn’t alarming in and of itself, especially since it was a hot summer day, but Colin grew concerned when he noticed that there didn’t seem to be any humans nearby.

To be safe, he checked to see if anyone was inside the home by knocking on the front door and calling out, “Can your dogs swim?”

But Colin was met with silence.

“I took a step back and knocked a little louder, rang the doorbell… nothing… and then I decided it was best to investigate slightly,” Colin said. “As I approached the pool, I could see a dog hanging on the side, inside the pool and I could see a dog swimming around on the solar cover… the water blanket, basically.”

In an instant, Colin rushed to the pool, took off his socks and shoes, then tried his best to quickly rescue these no-doubt frightened pups. The second one, who weighs about 90 pounds, took the most effort. But once he was able to get a good grip on him, both of them were safe!

At that point, all Colin could do was go about the rest of his day. But the following day, he decided to check on these sweet pups, absolutely shocking their relieved owners. They say they always keep the gate to their pool locked, so it seems their four-legged friends managed to jump over it this time.

“If it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have dogs,” Jeff said. “There’s no question about it.”

“I would say he is a hero,” Rebecca added.

Don’t forget to share Colin’s rescue story to thank him for saving the Marra’s sweet pups.

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