Husband Invents Off-Roading Wheelchair So Paralyzed Wife Can Enjoy The Outdoors.

Cambry Nelson is paralyzed and has used a wheelchair for years. Still, she didn’t let it stop her from exploring the areas she could get to in her chair, but it came at the expense of some serious shoulder pain. Wanting to help Cambry live life to the fullest, her husband Zack created a DIY off-roading wheelchair.

The bike was made from two electric bikes put together with a seat in the middle. The thick tires made it easy for Cambry to maneuver over uneven ground and the fact that it was electric left her arms feeling a lot less sore.


After some tinkering and perfecting the chair, the couple discovered they had created something truly remarkable. Not only did it work, but it cost significantly less and has more power than a lot of off-roading wheelchairs on the market. So, they decided to make a business of it.

They call it ‘Not A Wheelchair.’


It has all-terrain tires, meaning that the chair can easily handle the same kinds of conditions a bike can. It’s also designed to fit through (most) doorways as well as to fit into the back of a truck, jeep, or small SUV when it’s broken down.

As for power, it can go about 12 mph and has enough battery life to last anywhere from 10 to 35 miles (depending on the battery option you choose). It also has a cargo spot to transport a backpack, or whatever else you may want to have along your journey.


When ordering your chair, you get to customize it with your favorite color! Even better? It’s made out of bike parts so you don’t need to take it to a special repair shop if it needs a tune-up. And, while most off-roading wheelchairs “cost as much as a car,” Not A Wheelchair retails for around $4,000.

On Instagram, Cambry said, “There are things I’ve never done before. Things I stopped thinking about doing because at one point I thought I couldn’t,” and that the chair Zack made her completely changed her attitude. Since taking it off-road she says, “I like to think it’s just more proof that obstacles can always be overcome, sometimes it just takes a new perspective, a creative mind, and a lot of perseverance.”

You can learn more about Not A Wheelchair here, and visit their Instagram here.

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