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4-Yr-Old Gives Insanely Cute Speech About Reading & He Deserves A Standing Ovation.

It’s not easy to get up in front of a group of people and give a speech, but one tiny public figure from Tallahassee, Florida is making it look easy.

Caleb Stewart recently made national waves when a video of him giving a speech about the importance of reading went viral. Caleb was addressing a group of teachers for one of their in-service days, and he was so articulate his words made everyone sit up and take note. Also noteworthy? Caleb is only four years old.


Caleb and his sister Olivia are two of the most well-read kids you’ll ever meet. They’re such avid readers, their dad, Tavarous Stewart, set up a Facebook page to follow their progress as they spread their love for books as far as they can. Tavarous said that Caleb has always shown an extraordinary proclivity for reading, and he’s simply fostered that love and encouraged his son as much as possible.


“It was kind of mind-blowing,” Tavarous said. “When he turned one, my mom just started buying him books and he picked up on it so fast, it became his favorite thing to do. ”

Now, Caleb is intent on helping others foster a love for reading too. He’s begun an “Internet Reading Challenge,” hoping to encourage kids and adults to read a book in 100 different places.

In his now-viral speech to the teachers, Caleb stood on a table in the library, dressed impeccably in a tiny 3-piece suit. He not only looks adorable, but his voice is incredibly cute as he easily addresses a group of grown-ups as if he did so every day.


“I personally read every day, and absolutely love the adventure of reading,” Caleb said. “I will stand before you and speak with confidence, and not be afraid.”

Indeed, he doesn’t seem the least bit fazed by public speaking! We know lots of adults who couldn’t do this, so the fact that this child has memorized his speech and delivers it like a pro is truly impressive.


“Reading every day has made me smarter, and it has also strengthened my vocabulary and language skills, allowing me to pronounce new and big words without even thinking about it,” Caleb stated.

Caleb told the teachers in attendance to encourage their students to read everything, everywhere. “Kids should be encouraged to cultivate their imagination,” the child informed them, urging them to encourage kids to read books, magazines, and even billboards as they’re driving in the car.


It’s impossible to watch Caleb in action without feeling a sense of awe that a child his age could be this composed. He’s already so well-spoken, he’s being booked for public speaking engagements all over his state. We can’t wait to see what’s next for him and his sister. Future president of the United States?

Watch Caleb wow a group of grown teachers in the clip below, and be sure to share this video to blow someone’s mind!


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