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Pregnant Teen Thought Boyfriend Would Leave, But Shocks Her With Heartfelt Vow.

Finding out that you’re about to be responsible for a child can be scary, especially for a teenage girl. So often, teenage boys fail to share in any responsibility for caring for the young life they helped to create.

When Caitlin Fladager found herself expecting a child at 17, she anticipated a difficult life. Those around her felt she’d most definitely be forced to go it alone.

teens in love

As Caitlin explained, the adults in her life filled her with shame over her pregnancy. They also claimed over and over that Noah would abandon her.

“I have everyone telling me he would leave as soon as she was born, that everything would change for the worse, that I should be ready to do it on my own.”

Caitlin asked Noah outright if he’d be different from so many teen fathers that fail to step up.

“He said, ”I guess you’ll have to wait and see so I can show you.'”

Noah was there for the birth of their little girl, Arianna, and was an active father right from the beginning.

noah and daughter

That’s when he showed Caitlin exactly how dedicated he was to their family:

getting married

The pair were soon married, and Noah continued to be right there, an active and loving father.

noah being a father

This month, Caitlin celebrated her 23rd birthday, reflecting on how things have changed.

She also shared what a wonderful husband and father Noah showed himself to be.

Ultimately, the story of Caitlin and Noah Fladager isn’t just a love story, but it’s also a story of faith. We are often so used to expecting the worst from others that we don’t give them the opportunity to let them give us our best.

Here, we see a beautiful family that may not have started in a traditional way but is every bit as much a loving family as anyone could hope to be blessed with.

family picture

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