“Burn The Rule Book Of Life!” 4 Single Moms Move In Together To Create 1 Big Family.

Siren House

A group of moms has devised a way to achieve a more comfortable and stable life by unlocking “the power of sharing.”

Many people had to reassess their lifestyles and expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and friends Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper are no different. The two newly-divorced single moms always joked about someday starting a commune together, just for women. During the pandemic, they decided to go for it!

Living in the Washington, D.C. area is expensive, so the thought of pooling their money to buy a house was appealing. Holly and Herrin took their idea one step further, finding a house with four separate units, complete with their own kitchens and entry ways, and signing on the dotted line just weeks after making their decision to cohabitate. They’ve since added two more single moms to the extra units, and now they function as one big, happy family!

“Sharing our homes and pooling our personal belongings means we live like queens,” Holly said. “The financial, social, and emotional benefits have been life-changing. Not only do I get to save money every month, but I get to live beyond my means by pooling our extra belongings and using them when needed.”

The families now share childcare, so they never need to hunt for a babysitter. Their kids always have someone to play with and now share a cousin-like relationship with their housemates. They’ve transformed their home into a haven of fun, from the massive trampoline in the backyard to gardening spaces and a relaxing front porch. They share the burden if something in the house needs repair, and they’re all saving thousands of dollars a year on the cost of living and other expenses.

Holly says shifting from her traditional viewpoints made a huge difference in her life. Now, she encourages everyone to think outside the box to find a way to live more freely. “You can do whatever you want. Burn the rulebook of life and just look at it differently,” she said.

“We’ve unlocked the power of sharing, and our baseline expenses decreased, allowing us to experience abundance.”

Not only does the shared home provide financial benefits, the ladies say they feel their new lifestyle is more stable and based on trust than ever before.

“There is almost a spiritual safety net every day here,” said Herrin. “I could be my worst self, I could be my best self, and they see me for who I am, and it’s OK.”

The home is now called the “Siren House,” a nod to the Greek myth about a group of women.

“Siren is a form of sort of feminist power, right?” Herrin said. “We’re building a community, we sort of have the siren song so we bring people together.”

Every family looks different, and this is a very cool spin on a “blended family!” We love that these ladies are supporting one another and helping each other live their best lives. Holly and Herrin say they have plans to purchase a second multi-unit home to help other single moms flourish too!

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