Loyal Dog Senses Mom Is Pregnant & Now Won’t Stop “Guarding” Her Belly.

This doggo means business.

The bull terrier in question lives with her human parents in Brasilia, Brazil. Since she was a puppy, the dog has always treated mom and dad the same… until now. When the pup sensed something different about mom her behavior took a complete turn, but the reason is absolutely priceless.


Her dad said, “When my dog, Zayra, realized that my wife was pregnant, she changed her conduct, and she wouldn’t let anyone get close — even me.”

There can be no other explanation for her sudden change in behavior. Dogs have a way of knowing exactly whats going on with their humans. We’ve seen them sense when someone is sick and even call an ambulance when their owner needed it most… but the level of intuition in the video below is really something special. Check it out!


Wasn’t that just the coolest? It’s amazing to know that our pups look out for our wellbeing, just like we look out for theirs.

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